Lafayette tells it like it is.

I don't know what happened but I've become completely enamored with the Sookie Stackhouse books after writing a paper on the "True Blood" tv show. I only half enjoyed the show and on a whim started reading the books. But once I got to book 2, I was hooked! It reminds me of the black comedy abundant in everyday Southern life, the rampant hypocrisy and superstition. Plus, it  has a touch of horror which I've always loved. Oh and reading about hot vamps is okay too.

As for the tv show, first season is a'ight. But second season is 10 times better, altho I could do with less orgies and bleeding heart casseroles. Thus, I'm all in for season three. But I think it's really because of Lafayette that kept my interest piqued. After watching the latest "True Blood" minisode, he's definitely the most enjoyable character (after that is the hot as hell Eric played by Alexander Skarsgard).

In this minisode, Tara gets downright nasty with Sookie, which is fun cos when isn't a verbal catfight not entertaining (see all ANTM cycles). But it's Lafayette coming in to tell them what's what (basically they're trippin'), a smile is brought to my face. On the downside, Anna Paquin, bless her heart, tries to do that southern accent thing but fails miserably. I frown every time I hear it before realizing there's nothing to be done.

Check out the mini-ep below and see for yourself.

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