Break on Through to the Other Side: Fringe Finale preview

I like sci-fi, obvious if you know me or read any of this blog or my contributions to TelevisionRevival.com. I am an unapologetic fan when it comes to the genre, except for "Babylon 5", I draw the line there.

'Fringe' filled the hole in my heart left missing by the cancellation of almost every sci-fi show I would get hooked upon. I suppose Fox is making amends to me personally. I was a bit miffed with J.J. and company when the parallel universe story arc emerged. The cruel hand of fate was at work because it mirrored almost exactly my television treatment I worked so hard on during my M.A. last year. But all is forgiven cos the spring season has raised the bar! I cannot wait to see the "Fringe" alternate universe in depth. And from the looks of this promo for the finale, it's worth the wait.

Curses! It's a two-parter. Oh well, I've got "Justified" and other U.S. shows to catch up on in the interim.

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