See that sh*t.

If you have not seen The Wire, I just don't know where to begin. But this video does!

If you haven’t seen, well you’re not living life to the fullest yet. See that sheeeeiiiiit.

(via BestWeekEver who have cameos!)


Fall in Love with Summer Camp

My BFF, Margo Fortuny, turned me onto Summer Camp’s ‘Round the Moon’. The video consists entirely of clips from ‘A Swedish Lovestory’. Within minutes, I was in love Summer Camp’s dreamy sound! Fall in love with their magical synths too. And if you’re in london on 8th Oct, they’re playing the Lexington with Frankie & the Heartstrings. Alas, I’ll be in NYC with my moms.

Summer Camp Myspace


Everything You Wanted is Kele

Kele was pretty darn good at The Creators Project London party last Saturday.

There was an open bar (thanks Intel!) which kept me entertained until he finally took the stage at 1am. Thus, I'm not completely sure if he played "Everything You Wanted". I'm like 70% sure he did. Nevertheless, I like the atmospheric dark mood of his solo album.

Check out the exclusive premiere of "Everything You Wanted" on The Guardian.

*photo credit: Vice/Creators Project


Inception HYPE: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page

It's doubtful that I need more reasons to see Inception, since I've been beyond psyched for this film. Dreams, DiCaprio, action, crumbling buildings and things turn-sideways - what's not to love? Nevertheless, after peeping at another interview from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page, my internal hype meter ticked up a notch.

Film Trailers by Filmtrailer.com

JGL has definitely been pumping up his portfolio and I like what he's selling.


Trailer Check: 'The Dry Land'

Check out the trailer for Ryan Piers Williams film, The Dry Land. It stars Ryan O'Nan, who I swear has been on a few CSI eps that I've seen and America Ferrera, Williams' real-life fiance', which really isn't news because they've been together for like ever. I actually am friends with Ryan from USC. We bonded over a love of film and Texas pride. I haven't seen him in awhile since I've moved to London and his lady's occupation took him to NYC. Nevertheless, I'm pleased as punch to see he's finally done a feature. It won best international feature at EIFF last week and praise at Sundance. The cinematography looks amazing, since Ryan has always been a prodigy with the camera.

Trailer Check:

Not sure when to expect a wide release in London/LA/NYC etc, but I'm sure it's to be soon. His success makes a teensy bit less resentful of my pricey education at USC Film School. It has proven near worthless for me, but seems to have done wonders for some of my fellow alumni like Ryan and Ace Norton. ;)



In the summertime boredom of days past, I've started sifting the internets for new music. A new gem I came across was from Mount Kimbie.

The James Blake remix is quite melodic with entrancing jagged beats. Dollars to Pounds describes it as "the musical equivalent of an Icelandic volcanic dust cloud". That's certainly spot on.

If my visa continues to screw with my summer holiday plans, I might be checking out these London boys at Field Day Festival. It rained last year making me learn the hard lesson of rainy UK festivals are awful (and only tolerable with copious amounts of alcohol). Still, Phoenix is headlining and it is walking distance from my house. So...

Check out the line-up for Field Day below:


Drunk Girls are a phenomenon

Holy Ghost remix of "Drunk Girls" complete with it's own video directed by Daniel Garcia.

I like the smoky atmosphere and find the tune more disco-licious. Yeah, I made that word up, cos if Beyonce' can do it, so can I. Hats off to Stereogum for putting this on my radar and AdultSwim doing its part to revive music videos on television.