The "Deathly Hallows" are approaching

The new Harry Potter cover has finally been set loose on the internets. And as a faithful follower of the series (and fantasy book nut), I wanted to post it on my blog.

I am psyched about it actually being released this year (July 21). But I'm not so obsessed as to have already pre-ordered it or anything. As soon as the release date was announced, Borders tried to email me (i.e. swindle me) into pre-ordering it with them a full 6 months in advance! It's a freakin' children's book. I will probably order it from Amazon before even dreaming of going inside an actual bookstore to get. The freaks will already be foaming at the mouth since the 5th movie comes out a few weeks before.

Now, that movie sounds great. It's the darkest one yet. Major characters die and shit. I am curious to see how they condense the longest book of the series into a 2 hour film.

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