RIP: Evan Farrell of Rogue Wave Fame

I can't believe I just heard about this tragedy today during lunch. I unknowingly wore my Rogue Wave t-shirt to work, which shortly led to someone telling me this sad news.

http://www.bigtakeover.com/images/12.jpgEvan Farrell, ex-bassist for Rogue Wave, passed away on December 23rd. He suffered severe burns from a house fire in Oakland, where the band is based. He hasn't been with the band since 'Descended Like Vultures' (which is a great album!), but he is certainly still part of that musical family. The SF Weekly tribute tells the story of Evan's greatness the best.

And just last week, I re-discovered the awesomeness of Rogue Wave, shamefully from that trippy Zune commercial. Rogue Wave's "Lake Michigan" scores the ad. Zunes are pieces of crap, but you gotta give Microsoft props for at least picking an excellent song to peddle their product. It's so melodic and simply takes you in. It really is one of the best songs I've heard in months. Don't believe me, check out their music video and the Zune commercial below.

Video: Zune TV Spot

If you love it as I do, don't buy a Zune, but do buy Rogue Wave's new album 'Asleep At Heaven's Gate'.

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