Pregnancy must be contagious!

Lily Allen has been infected by the new fad of pregnancy!


I had no idea that she's was dating Ed Simons of Chemical Brothers. But hey, they sound happy, so whatever. This doesn't make me as sad like Jamie Lynn Spears, who at the tender age of 16 will be modeling maternity wear as well.

But seriously, what the hell is with all the celebrities getting knocked up (Nicole Richie, Bridget Moynahan, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes)? Why oh why do you want to give your selfish lives up so early? Don't you know what happens when you try to party and be a mom (see example: Britney Spears)? You look like a selfish skank or at the very least your career goes downhill a bit.
Plus, you get fat!!

If I had the funds to do what I wanted, the first thing on my list would definitely NOT be getting preggers. Call me crazy, but aren't children an expensive committment? Like, you want to give your whole life over to them? I want to be able to use my time to make some of my dreams and goals come to fruition before having a new little person's. There might (probably won't though) be a time when I'd be ready. But I would never throw caution to the wind (or is it to love?) and allow myself to have a child before I'm ready.

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