Now for a note on black hair...

LAist kindly put in their news feed a online debate from on Pandagon about the state of black women's hair. It's about the age old natural vs. relaxer/straight hair look. The blog's description of the choices of black hair options are quite apt, but to lay it on as only "straight" hair is professional is much too far of a stretch. Settle the fuck down, y'all, and just rag on Essence for simply putting together a bad top 10. And the first mistake was to even take that publication seriously!

http://www.sptimes.com/2006/04/14/images/medium/hotcomb041406_430743.jpgIronically, this past saturday, I had to suffer the hot comb because my hair couldn't take a relaxer at this point time (i.e. chemicals are some harsh shit). I was indeed "praying" that comb wouldn't burn the fuck outta scalp just as Pandagon laments.

And it is true that most of Essence's choices are a ton of people with weaves and shit. But hold back if you think I'm folding for the white man by relaxing my hair. I don't have the time to go natural, perhaps I would if I had a team of stylists to support me. But since that shit ain't happen soon, I usually relax the shit to get it over with. I wants my hair to be straight because it moves more and doesn't look unkempt! And all women, of all races, spend way too fucking much on hair and beauty, which also isn't a new notion.

Check out a hilarious comic on the subject of 'going natural'. And for more hilarity peruse the comments on Pandagon. Here's a taste:

  1. Sniper

    Does a blonde white woman with curly hair that straightens it hate herself?

    Maybe, maybe not, but I’m pretty sure that no white woman is familiar with the concept of “good hair” quite the same way as a black woman in the U.S.

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