TTC rocked da house!


TTC, legendary hip-hop/electro/dance act from Paris, showed LA how to party last wednesday. Don't believe me? Check this video of them throwing the freshness on some Ace of Base. I danced my fill to all their songs (despite not knowing a lick of French).

Teki LatexTeki was the main MC who translated for us stupid Americans. He introduced the last song, "Hi guys, this is my pop song!". Cue the cheesy french pop ala' Kylie with a dash of Aqua. Teki & Co had a whole dance routine and everything. It was just a massive party of french men on stage. They all loved our enthusiasm, despite all the stupid girls in the audience who didn't know who the hell they were.

Then, they put away their microphones and started the real dance party. DJ Orgasmic, Para One, and Tacteel tag teamed on the decks. Most the crowd wasn't down for it, since it was quite late. But my crew simply welcomed the extra dancing room and went to town. I knew Para One was master of electro beats, but I was quite impressed with what Tacteel threw down.


At the end of the night, I thanked Teki for the show. Now he knows at least a few Los Angelenos love TTC.

*Mad props to DJ C-Town for the invite

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