Vegoose, baby!

Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I will be very close to Vegas (if the fires don't slow me down). Since I have never gambled (gasp!), I will get that out of my system on Friday night.


The main event is on Saturday when I get see what this Vegoose Festival is all about. The acts that I am most curious about are Battles, Queens of the Stone Age, and Gogol Bordello. I've heard alot of hype, but missed them whenever they were in LA. Want to see these bands in the flesh. I'm sure QOTSA will be good, not so sure about the others though. But Gypsy-punk just has to be entertaining.

After that, I wanna check out MIA again. The show in July was good, but short. I hear that her live sets leave much to be desired. Nevertheless, "Bamboo Banga" is the shit, and I plan on being in the front for that track!

Daft Punk won't disappoint, so I'm only mildy excited. They're robots who know how to get your feet movin'.


Fingers crossed that I get drunk and have fun without loosing my shirt at the casinos.

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