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Say what? Laist thinks electronic music in LA is on an upswing? Well, yeah. But damn, that shit never left, it just got more mainstream (i.e. Justice selling out the Fonda).

CYP Halloween Blowout!

I can even pinpoint when that shit started to take off: Halloween 2006 . I prepared in advance and got tix to MSTRKRFT/Justice in advance for the show at Safari Sam's. It took some persuading but I rounded up my posse the day of the show, and we lined up early so they could buy tickets. Two hours later and a lot of hassle: only Margo and I managed to get inside. WTF? I had been to many chicago house, sketchy warehouse events in the past. And there was never a time when we were turned away. Most electronic shows need as many people as they can get.

But not that night. It was unreal in there. I had no idea that many people even knew who these djs were. And granted, many of them didn't (silly hipster trash). Or if they did, they only heard of MSTRKRFT cause of DFA 1979. But for the real electro-heads and dance junkies, we knew this shit was gonna be off the hook. And indeed it was.

As time went on, I did find myself going to more and more dance shows. I saw Lo-Fi-Fnk, Para One, Acid Girls, Green Velvet, and so many others. This was mostly due to the fact Franki Chan declared it his mission to entice these djs and dance groups to his Check yo ponytail night. I may not like the crowd, but that club night still pays off more nights than most. And that shit is still going strong. Check the pictures from the SMD/Boys Noize night for photographic proof.


The Justice show at the Fonda was just the climax of the growing hipster dance scene. After marveling at the sheer numbers of kids, I mean, people waiting for Justice to start at Detour, I reckon we're gonna see a backlash soon. I know they played Jimmy Kimmel, which I think was weird, but really a big deal. Perhaps, my favorite Parisian duo are selling out too quickly for my tastes. I became a huge fan of them after Coachella, but with all the commericials using their songs and other articles like the one on LAist, I'm starting to get worried.

In regards to the scene, I feel like it's too much all at once. People are gonna get tired, which was evident at Check yo afterparty for Detour Fest. It was deeeeaaaad in that place! Space that shit out, let a girl get a breath in. I feel like everyone and their brother are trying to run their own club/dance night/warehouse party. And some of that stuff is gonna suck eventually. There's a ton of fake ass djs (in the words of Paris), and if they don't clear out, the scene is gonna suffer.

This ain't truth, just wanted to put my two cents in, since I've gone to a shit ton of shows in the last year.

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