Under their "Grip"

You know who's so fucking rad? The Go! Team that's who!

Sunday's show at the Echoplex was amazing. The atmosphere was perfect: full of high energy, dancing, and good sound quality. They played all the hits and then some.

And boy could Ninja move her feet. Sadly, cause I'm a shorty, I couldn't take in all of her fancy footwork. Nevertheless, she had the crowd in the palm of her hands. So much so, I wanted to shout out: "Damn girl, don't hurt 'em". She asked the crowd for a favor: to get up and dance. And the entire Echoplex humbly obliged.


I always appreciated their tunes, but now I love them. One of the best shows of the fall! Now I understand the look of shock my friend Brian gave me when I said I missed the Go! Team at Coachella 2006. Don't make the same mistake, see them as many times as you possibly can. You won't regret it.

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