Klaxons beat out Winehouse

I read that Amy Winehouse was a particulary sore loser on Monday, when the Klaxons won the National Mercury Prize instead of her.

They beat out tons of artists who released solid albums this year:
Dizzee Rascal
Fionn Reagan
New Young Pony Club
Arctic Monkeys
The View
The Young Knives
Bat for Lashes
Amy Winehouse

'Back to Black' may be a critic-proof album, but it's the kids who count. And the kids are just crazy for those Klaxon boys. I know, I've seen it in person! But seriously, I love 'Myths of the near Future'. I even went inside a record store to buy it, and that's saying something! I may be a bit weary of hearing about them, but in the end, they deliver the goods in concert. I can't say the same for Mrs. Winehouse-Fielder-Civil.

Check the video of Amy performing "Love is a Losing Game"

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