Mother Alice

Milla Jovovich is pregnant? When did this happen?


And it seems she's been engaged to the director, Paul W.S. Anderson since Resident Evil came out. Now, it all makes sense. Plus, it's not like she hasn't married one of her other directors, Luc Besson, before. But see, Luc's talented, so that was okay in my mind. Paul's not a hack, since I do own some of his movies (*hangs head in shame), but he's still not that good either.

Guess he must be doing something right to bed and impregrenate a top model/singer/actress like her. I don't know why it suprises me. This is old hat for the entertainment industry. Tons of directors marry their actresses/muse... Spielberg, James Cameron, Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky even.

I just thought maybe Milla had a few crazy suprises left for me...maybe record another album. Nope, just another Resident Evil movie. Check the trailer for Resident Evil: Extinction. I hate to say it looks kinda fun. I see myself going drunk to the theater and enjoying the hell out of it.

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