No more Murphy?

I just read on PopCandy that "The Dresden Files" got cancelled! Noooooo! Another good sci-fi show bites the dust. Whenever I see a decent show, I always forget that tv execs see the exact opposite.


And I was just thinking about the show after spotting Valerie Cruz, who plays Detective Murphy, at World Market last week. She was just hanging around looking at jewelry, when I saw her. I thought to myself, "Hey there goes Murphy! She shops too." She seems very nice. I simply asked her if she needed any help, and she politely said she was all good.

I descended into a deep depression this morning since I heard of the cancellation. I scoured SciFi.com for any official confirmation, to no avail. And I discovered that Mr. Dresden himself is a Briton! Are all actors these day from the UK? Paul Blackthorne (Dresden) is even an accomplished photographer. So naturally, since he's so dashing and talented, he's already got a spot on the new show "Big Shots" on ABC. I guess I'll just have to console myself his new role.


His chemistry with Bob was the best part of the show, and now it's gone. And somehow "Charmed" was on for like five or six seasons? The comraderie between the sisters (and half sisters) left alot to be desired. Oh well, that's television for ya. Can't keep a good thing for very long.

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