Word Rehab?

Is this shit for real with Isaiah? Yes, the man may need some rigorous etiquette practice, but going to rehab for some psyche evaluation is bullshit. What can they really do? Tell you not to say it. And I'm pretty sure he has finally learned that lesson. I mean it's ridiculous. How are they really going to "analyze" why he needs to say the f-word. He must be saying it because he obviously hasn't been hanging around any gay people. I'm guessing it's just not his scene. If I had a nickel for everytime somebody said something offensive, I'd be rich.

I'm not saying his behavoir is okay, but he's not disturbed mentally because he let one slip out. Plus, he wasn't calling anyone the name. He just repeated a rumor and denied it's truth (in a horribly crude manner and on national tv). But was it something to cover your ears and rock back and forth about? Absolutely not. I wonder if any gay people (besides Perez Hilton, who btw uses that word everyday) actually care.

Are we going cry foul anytime somebody says something stupid on air? Vanessa Minillo said "shit" on air, does she have to go to rehab? I don't see anybody telling Michael Richards to go to rehab for the n-word. I mean, he should def go for like some serious drug addiction tho.

Basically, Isaiah should go into hiding for awhile. Just do the day to day shit and let it settle. No public apologies or psyche evals are gonna erase what happened. You gotta give the incident some time to be forgotten. But with the popularity of "Grey's Anatomy", I'm not sure if he's gonna be out the woods anytime soon.


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Onetokenblackguy said...

I agree. I am like what? Rehab, if that is the case then I should have been sent away all those time I dropped the n-word. [I'm black fellow commenters, don't fret.] He was angry, uttered a bad word, tried to clean it up, and failed. Oops. Move on. Don't fire him casue he and Christina are finally talking.