Still Crazy

I know I'm behind, but it seems that Anne Heche is still a crazy whore. Granted, she didn't do anything out of the ordinary. There are plenty of actresses who dump thier loser husbands for their co-stars (i.e. that guy on "Men in Trees"). And who the hell watches that show? I guess people like my mom. But she also watches "Walker, Texas Ranger" & "Nash Bridges"!

Nevertheless, the whole thing continues to have that Anne Heche crazy tinge. Crazy is as crazy does. And this girl's not finished yet. Her husband, Coley Lafoon, wasn't that bad looking. I suppose this new guy is more rugged, which helps if you're trying to leave behind a life of lesbianism.

What I don't get is how either of these guys want to be with her bony ass. I mean that is such a commonplace fact that it had to be written into the script for Six Days, Seven Nights! I still don't forgive Harrison for that one. Terrible miscasting. And yet, the woman who said she has a spiritual alter-ego, named Celestia who is Jesus's sister or some shit, still gets work and some hot ass.


What the hell is going on in hollywood? I blame Scientologists, since it's so easy.

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