Gotta get me some 'DayBreak'

This shit is good and addictive. I swept through the first 4 eps in a day. I like Taye Diggs when he gets all angry. No, seriously, it's pretty good.

I like the Groundhog Day plot device. "It's the same day!" every episode. And Brett Hopper (Diggs), comes bad with whatever he learned the "day" before. Also, if he gets hurt physically (like getting shot), it carries over. Sucks to be him, basically. Brett is accused of murder, being a murder for hire actually; he is framed as killing an Assistant DA (who we never see). And he must confess to it or these "people" are gonna kill his GF Rita and possibly his entire family (see: sister and two kids). His partner takes a bullet for him one time, then in the next episode she kills her boyfriend. You really never know what to expect next from the writers, which is good. It's like what I used to like about "Lost". Except it's done with some respect to the viewer. They don't go all crazy and throw another island at ya or another cast of survivors (who deem utterly worthless by season 3!).

Brett's love interest, Rita, played rather well by Moon Bloodgood, is not annoying at all . Brett's sister on the other hand sucks. This is no Vanished-level acting chops. We've got the real deal here. And Brett's partner, the dirty cop with a heart of gold, Andrea is also excellently played. The show has got a good bunch of people. Oh and did I mention he's doing the head of Internal Affairs ex-wife. Way to go and make a bunch of enemies. That character is played by Adam Baldwin, the one everybody always forgets about. That's cause he doesn't suck.

I also like that they don't write the episode as simply one day. There can be 2-3 days in one episode, already bounds over "Lost". And the action can end with a cliff-hanger sometimes, but it is wrapped up by the end of the next episode. The action that is. The overlying conspiracy: that's a whole other issue.

I'm telling ya folks. You're missing out. Gotta get in there and catch up. (All eps are online.)

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