Renee to fatten it up again

Pop Candy brought to my attention this article about Renee Zellweger. She's gonna do another Bridget Jones' movie! But why?! She looked so terrible in the last one. The movie was indeed funny. But the character is just so kooky and embarrasses herself way too much to be realistic. There's slapstick and then there's ridiculousness.

I have no idea how they made her look so homely in Edge of Reason! And to what purpose? She was a tad overweight in the first movie. And then they went overboard in the second. Why do you have to get across slightly overweight by making her absolutely dumpy? And then put it together with the most absurd outfits, and you get dreadful. I mean, what is this purple shawl thingy?

Movie 1

Movie 2

They made her gain more weight. You can tell by her neck.

Advice for Working Title films, get a better costume designer. Patricia Field may be too pricey, but she's worth every penny. Or look up whoever's doing "Ugly Betty", I bet she's cheaper and would work. I'm just saying.

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