Seriously Clooney? Again?

C'mon now People magazine. Show some cahones and give us something original! I mean, otherwise, I might have to take US Weekly seriously again.

I think quite a few men on their list are sexy in Hollywood these days. McDreamy, Jonny Depp, Mr. Taye Diggs himself. Oh and that guy from Without a Trace, Enrique Murciano, is smokin' hot! I never knew his name till now.

Here are a few my personal faves that were left off. And yes, this is a shameless post to put up pics of hot guys. (Yes, I'm that bored.)

Clive Owen was the only thing that got me through Derailed. Such a terrible film, what a waste of talent. But Children of Men looks quite promising.

Michael C. Hall is definitely butching it up on "Dexter". And I think I like it.

Hill Harper is makin me proud on that there "CSI: NY". He is about the only reason I watch that show from time to time. I remember him from the The Skulls with Joshua Jackson. I've had my eye on him for some time.

James McAvoy may have played Mr. Tumnus in that crapfest Chronicles of Narnia, but I know him from the Children of Dune mini-series on SCIFI channel. And here's why I remember. Very nice.

And last but not least, Gael Garcia Bernal still gots what it takes. He may be a little short. But he makes it work. And that's why I really need to see Science of Sleep asap!

See the People mag photo list. Thanks Pop Candy for the link.

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