It's all about the energy

I just fucking love TV on the Radio to bits. Tunde is so great. And this interview on Hate Something Beautiful only proves it again.

I have this argument with one of my best friends about concerts. She doesn't get them. She thinks people sound better on cd (I know horrible...). And she hates just staring at people playing instrutments. I just try and tell her that she just hasn't gone to a good one. But alas, we've gone to several shows together, where I think it's awesome. And she just shrugs her shoulders and is bored. The only concert she had fun at was Captain Ahab (a local LA band) since they had the entire room's attention. Everyone was dancing, say all 100 people or so. That's cool when you get a rare occasion like that one. Cut Copy was one for me. But when the music is right and you connect with singer. It just works. Forget the assholes next to you talking. At least for the rest of that particular song.

Here's a quote from Tunde that spells out what I'm trying to tell my friend.

"HSB: We talked about recording, the live aspect of the show - do you prefer recording more over live or is it like different beasts? "

"TA: The live shows don’t sound anything like the records, just because I think we’d need about four or five trailers to bring all the stuff to recreate the soundscapes and everything on the record. What ends up happening is the songs get really stripped down, and you change into something else, but their still recognizable, the songs. It’s more designed for a live setting, so that the people in front of you. The recording is more, put your headphones on and sink away into whatever dream you need to have. The live show is more about, I don’t know, it’s definitely an energy exchange, a very big energy exchange; it’s just more activated and you walk away with something on you"

I really wanna marry that man. He's simply so inspiring. At the end of the interview, he tells everyone to just go make something. I intend to do something besides "making the rent". Here's hoping I figure out something interesting to make/create/express.

Thanks to Chromewaves for pointing it out.

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