Sean Lennon emerges

I was curious to see that Mr. Lennon has actually been working on something. His last album was in 1998! I had a personally strange run-in with the man a couple months ago. Lennon and a slew of gays were at the Shortstop one evening. And per usual, drunken antics ensued with the night ending with me somehow trying to score coke for him. At one moment, my co-worker called Lennon & Co. racist because they brought a strange black doll to the bar. Only in LA do these strange run-ins occur
Well, he finally patched something together that sounds interesting. And he has a short film directed by Michael Cuesta (The Good Girl, Six Feet Under) to accompany his new album, Friendly Fire. It comes out on Sept 26.

Check out the trailer, which is quite lengthy. The film features all sorts of celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Bijou Phillips, Asia Argento, and Lennon as the star.
*post from 7/11/06

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