Listen to this or else: The Duke Spirit

Cuts Across the Land
The Duke Spirt rocks! I heard them awhile back on Woxy when they played a lounge act session. And then after I miraculously made it into Coachella, they were rocking out on the main stage. They were one of the best acts I saw on the first day. The second day, I ran to catch the end of Art Brut in the rock tent. I made it just in time for "Emily Kane" & "Top of the Pops". And who is yelling them on, no other than Liela, the lead singer from the Duke Spirit. At the end of the show, I humbly said hello to her and told her they were great. One of my finer moments I might add, since she was delighted.

Key tracks are "Love is an Unfamiliar Name" & "Cuts Across the Land". They have a sixties feel with a punk edge. And her voice is beautiful in concert. If you get a chance, you should definitely see them live.

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