I heart Blunt Honesty

I just love people who are outright mean by simply telling the truth. And if you love to laugh at the utter ridiculousness of mankind, you should check out Overheard in NYC.

Here are a couple I just had to share with the world. Hilarious!

Kevin and Britney Reflect On Why They Fell in Love
Pregnant woman: Are you gay?
Guy looks over at woman's stomach and looks up.
Guy: You look like a whore.--Grand Central

Overheard by: Jakob Wellsvia Overheard in New York, Jul 10, 2006

Yeah, I Was a Bride Of Christ, But He Wouldn't Do Anal
Woman #1: Ever since she left the church, there's a big hole in her life.
Woman #2: Which she fills with cock.--MoMA
Overheard by: Lucvia Overheard in New York, Jul 10, 2006

*post from 7/10/06

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