Not so Funny

After catching the second ep of HBO's "Lucky Louie", I can't see watching it on any long-term basis. The TV Whore waxes on poetically about the subject. He also outlines in excellent detail the striking difference between a good stand-up comic & a good sitcom comic.

He mainly condemns the show for its gimmicky plot & over-use of obscenities. I agree that the language is unnecessary at time. It's a little unsettling to hear them use "snatch" or "fuck" any chance they get. Lemme tell ya, I do cuss like a sailor, but there's a time and a place for it (usually). And I'm not suspect to the vicious world of tv ratings.

I'd rather watch "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia" on fox with the language bleeped than "Lucky Louie". Goddamn is Charlie hot! I added him as one of my friends on myspace. I'm an idiot for that show.

*post from 6/20/06

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