Bringing the black folks down: Skeleton Key

While nursing an intense sickness, I decided to watch this flick on HBO. It's not awful and actually mostly boring. It does get a bit ridiculous with it's Nawlin's flavor. Gena Rowlands just keeps mouthing off about giving her husband the "remedies" and such. The film is a crash course in "Hoo-doo", which is like magic and has nothing to do with voodoo (even though it sounds exactly like it!). It apparently only works if you choose to believe.

Anyhoo, Kate Hudson tramps around in boycut underwear for about an hour. She startst to "believe" as they keep on saying in this movie. And she finds herself in a pretty nasty predicament by the end of the film. What gets me though, is that they start the film out like it's a ghost story. Two black servants were hung at the house, the main setting of the film. So you feel sorry about racism and think that their restless spirits just need justice or something of the kind. And then, it turns out that these black folks were hoo-doo priests! They whip up their black magic so they figure out how to live forever! WTF?! It turns out poor Caroline (Hudson) was just caught up in their sacrificial hoo-doo spell to make Gena Rowlands character live forever. I just cannot suspend my disbelief.. And I'll spare you the crappy plot twist ending.

The film left a bad taste in mouth. It's full of mediocre parlor tricks like doors mysteriously slamming, creaky attic stairs, shadows in the mirror, and other shite. And I can't believe it actually made money at theaters! Not too much, so as to not warrant a sequel thank god.

My advice is to skip it. Watch Tivo instead or a re-run of Entourage even.
*post from 6/19/06

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