Reunion of the Century!

Hooray! Corey Feldman & Corey Haim (aka the greatest duo of the 1980s) will reunite for a fake-reality tv show, aptly named "The Coreys"! I've been waiting so long for this to happen. I am indeed suffering an "aneurysm of delight" as Defamer claims.

Just yesterday, someone was admiring my framed photograph of Corey Feldman & me & my friends. I was more on the Haim bandwagon per se, but I also recognized Feldman's remarkable talent. Dream a Little Dream & License to Drive were my favorites back in the day (sigh). I even watched the one with Nicole Eggert called Blown Away. Not one of their finer moments I must admit.
The potential for this show is endless. Apparently, Haim will just pop up at Feldman's house in the suburbs and hilarity will ensue! Sadly, Corey Feldman has a kid, so I guess nothing too wild will go on. At least, Haim will find another source of income instead of having to resort to drastic measures (i.e. auctioning one's teeth on eBay).

Update: My friend LTNA shares my enthusiasm!
*post from 6/21/06

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