no more beard?

Apparently, Teri Hatcher denied that she's dating the Seacrest on Leno. Whatever, I think her agent is just trying to spin it her way. I wouldn't wanna be his beard either. He smiles way too much like crazy Tom Cruise. And who cares if his father fucked him up. What, is scientology gonna make it all better? I don't think so. I think Scientology just makes celebs have an excuse to focus once again on themselves. Thanks, L. Ron.

In other news, I am finally moving up to my shiny new desk upstairs. It'll be hard to bullshit on the internet when I sit closer to my boss. But who cares? I work at an internet company. I could be working while I waste time reading Best Week Ever Blog or skimming Defamer for interesting jokes.

Only 23 days til Coachella...
*from 4/6/06

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