Mystery, Intrigue, & Sexual Tension

I finally relieved my Tivo of my Lost episodes. I'd been saving six random episodes all the way back from Sept,Oct, Nov and now March. I've never been a full-fledge Lost fanatic. We've been having a torrid love affair. I kept walking out on it, but the damn frenzy surrounding the show always draws me back. I hate you ABC for your shameless self-promotion & media flooding.

Basically, it's a good drama. I like the Sawyer, Kate, Jack triangle - it works. Personally, I'd go with Jack. And Locke is so crazy (I finally saw his anger 12 step flashback eps)!. I don't know if that man is comin' or goin' with all that blather about destiny. His mission is to "convince people to push a button every 108 minutes without know why". Complete utter insanity. But on the island, apparently anything can happen (seeing horses, polar bears, and cannibals). The "others" are quite creepy though. The story about Michelle Rodriguez and Mr. Eko kept me going on my Lost binge (5 eps in 24 hours). Mr. Eko is quite threatening without any effort. When, he fucking cut off a bit of his beard to freak the prisoner out (Henry somethin or other), I was like WTF?! So crazy. I do not care for Hurley in the slightest. He should be like 50 lbs lighter by now. I mean c'mon a diet full of fish has got to have some effect. And another logic hole is Claire who barely even looks like she just had a baby. She should be lookin' a little sloppy ala present Britney Spears. Instead, she looks like she's been vacationing in the bahamas.

Anyways, I guess it's good. I just can't stand how they're bread n' butter gimmick is ending it with a cliffhanger. They just chop up the action to keep you on your seat, even more so than 24 like that was possible! I guess I'll keep watchin' for now.
*from 4/5/06

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