Proof got shot!

I thought this gangsta rivalry shit was over. Apparently it isn't. Proof from D12 got gunned down yesterday. That ain't right y'all. He was just comin' out tha club and got shot. I actually have a D12 cd so this kinda sucks. It kinda sucks to get shot no matter what.

Now Eminem has to mourn one of his crew and try and not lose all his money to that bitch Kim. For some stupid reason, they didn't have a pre-nup. I think he's havin' the worst week ever.
In other celeb bullshit news, it's been one year since the creation of "TomKat". Check out the sarcastic memorial article at Best Week Ever.

It's a hilarious start to your morning.

Update: I guess Proof started the shit and shot first. It's still sad though. I mean i'd shoot first if someone was pointing a gun me.

*from 4/12/06

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