Editors - Possible saviors of rock n roll?

Everyone should check out Editors. They fucking rock. Their album finally came out last week in the US on Kitchenware records. "Munich" & "Blood" are finally being played on the radio. I hate it when radio stations call it "new" music though. It's been out in the UK for like over a year. My good friend brought it back from England for me in December (along with Hard-fi). I'm still not sick of it yet. I can listen to it almost everyday. I gotta give it up to passport approved & http://www.woxy.com/ for exposing me to one the best new bands I've heard.

If you wanna hear some live tracks, check out these mp3s from their Boston gig. http://www.bradleysalmanac.com/2006/01/mp3s-editors-in-boston.htm
And http://www.stereogum.com/ has a review of the NYC gig at Webster Hall.

I cannot wait for Coachella! I will not be denied from seeing the editors this time. I foolishly tried to get in to their first US gig at Spaceland in January. KCRW tipped off liek half of LA to the damn thing - so I was totally shut out. In less than a month, I will be completly satisfied with my need to see Editors live.

"Keep with me..." - Fingers in the Factory by Editors

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