Happy Birthday, Darling

If you know me personally, you would obviously know that I was quite into John Cusack in my high school years. What's not to love? He's intelligent, cute, and loves music in most of his movies. I know every line of my personal favorite movies: Grosse Pointe Blank, Better Off Dead, & High Fidelity. Say Anything is up there, but fucking everyone likes that one! And the man has been in tons of movies! He works consistently and spaces out the crap films (*except Must Love Dogs).

Mr. Cusack celebrates his 40th birthday today. I don't care if he is 40, I'd still marry him. I hope to marry someone who reminds me of him. It used to be on of my dating criteria or dating gauge if you well. If the guy loves any of his best films, then he's at least in the running to date me. And it comforts me to know that Salma Hayek, Brad Pitt, & Keanu Reeves are all older than him.

I especially love the top 40 list of why John Cusack rocks at Pop Candy!

My personal favorite reasons are:
2. His movies are worth seeing.
4. He was once a geek like the rest of us. "Who knew the awkward guy from Sixteen Candles and and Better Off Dead would become such a sexy leading man? Unlike lifelong hunks Depp and Brad Pitt, Cusack has no trouble playing the everyman."
8. Jeremy Piven is his pal. "You can spot his former roommate in One Crazy Summer, Say Anything, Serendipity, Grosse Pointe Blank and several other films. Here's hoping Cusack will return the favor with a guest stint on Entourage."
11. I envy his T-shirt collection. "Cusack is known for incorporating musical references into his movies via wardrobe."
39. He still takes chances. "Cusack plays an Iraq war widower in his next movie. The premise will inevitably lead to controversy, but this will likely have no effect on Cusack's role."

I disagree with the one that claims he doesn't date bimbos. Fucking Claire Forlani and Neve Campbell count in my book. Okay, let me maintain my composure for John's sake. Sorry.
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite actors of all time. Perhaps, one day soon I could work with the man. On that note, I need to get my film shit together pronto.
*post from 6/28/06

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