Fight Club: Uwe Boll edition

Uwe Boll is the retched director of such films as Bloodrayne, Alone in the Dark, & House of the Dead. This crazy faux-auteur is giving 5 critics the chance to beat the shit out of him. I'm not kidding and neither is Defamer. This has to be the wackiest, crackpot PR stunt ever.
And it will be in his new movie, Postal, which is another fucking movie based on a video game!
I am still reeling from the images from Bloodrayne as it is. I wish I could go. He really deserves what's coming to him. They should just put the people in that crazy get up from Clockwork Orange and force them to sit through Uwe Boll's filmography. Then, there really will be some action!
I might give the man some credit since he did ingeniously cast Christian Slater & Stephen Dorff in the same film (Alone in the Dark). But after some thought, that's mere luck from his casting director. I hardly consider his "films" real movies. Just pure crap that can't be subdued with copious amounts of alcohol. Now, someone gets to make him pay for it! And it will be shown on live on the website for the movie.
- picture from official Alone in the Dark Website

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