New Addiction

I know I have a soft spot for all things sci-fi, so we won't go there. I simply happened upon a marathon last week of The 4400. It was quite intriguing. It reminds of old school x-files, which was loved by many non-sci-fi fanatic viewers.

The first season and much the second focuses on what powers the 4400 received. One guy can heal with his hands while the little girl can see the future. And they have quite a multi-cultural cast (way to go USA Network). I've given most USA network shows a chance since I have fond memories of "USA:Up All Nite w/ Rhonda Shear" & "Silk Stockings" (I just found out it finally out on DVD! Awesome!).

Anyway, the 4400 is an excellent blend of drama and science fiction. Fuck Spielberg's Taken. This is so much better.
*post from 6/13/06

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