An exceptional beard indeed

He thinks he's solved it. He'll never be called gay if he manages to date one of FHM's sexiest women (on which the fine Scarlett Johannsen is #1). Well, I'm not buying it. He needs to just end american idol one night with one of his traditional "Seacrest OUT" and have someone end it with "out of the closet you mean!" And then, he'll just need to nod with acceptance.

But folks, that's one of the gayest men alive right there. I will not back down from this one. The uncomfortable kiss between Teri Hatcher and him should be proof enough that this is one huge pr stunt for the both of them. They just can't back away from the spotlite. I mean who gives a fuck if Teri Hatcher was abused. She is like 50 for crissakes, get over it or deal with it in private. And Seacrest barely beats Ryan Cabrera as one the most obnoxious c-list celebs. This stunt was set-up to cleverly promote his new E! show and prove to viewers that he's straight. I admit I heard that the two were dating. But like most, I was like who gives a fuck? Now US Weekly has flooded the internet with their paparazzi hi-jinks to make the world take note. My hats off to Hatcher & Seacrest's public relations firms.

I shouldn't even sully this blog with a post about this shite.
*from 3/30/06

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