Bad TV: Possible cure for insomnia

For some reason, I just couldn't get to sleep last nite. At first, I was just gonna stay up to catch Augustana on Leno.

Then, that came and went. For some godawful reason, I watched bits of Guess Who. I even caught the crappy ending where Bernie Mac had to pep talk Ashton Kutcher's Simon on how to win back your girlfriend. Apparently , Simon quit his job when his boss made some crack about not marrying that "black" girl, Zoe Zaldana's character. Thanks Crash and Guess Who for waking up America to the fact that people are still racists. No, really they just need to be reminded. Anyway, Bernie Mac had to race over to the train station to get him to come back after realizing this was the true reason that Simon was unemployed. He gave Simon some some wise words indeed: "If you love her, then she's always right fool!" Then, I had to cover up my ears when Simon (Kutcher) started singing some bullshit Barry White lyrics to win back his stupid high yellow fiance. I'm sorry, but there's no way that Zoe Zaldana could be Bernie Mac's daughter. I just won't give you that one hollywood.

Still later, I watched Afterglow with Jonny Lee Miller and Julie Christie. Mind you, I own this movie but still watched 70% of it on tv last nite. I was mesmerized by the impossible sexual allure that Nick Nolte's Lucky had over Lara Flynn Boyle's character. "Eww" - is the only response to this I could come up with in the wee hours of the morning. Miller does look pretty hot as the uptight Jeffrey Byron III. He has pretty eyes and I fucking love Hackers. Plus, he was the first to marry Angelina and that counts for somethin'. However, his latest cinematic exploits do much against him. Please, see Mindhunters and all will be revealed.

I even managed to catch the latest "Sopranos" episode. God bless you HBO for running like every 2 hours on some hbo channel (and on demand). Tony looked like shit when he woke up. It was so sad when Carmella was glossin' up his lips. He's so pathetic looking in these hospital scenes. It was classic drana when Finn showed up all wary of fat Vito (and for good reason).

Alas, I had to put in Johnny Mneumonic to finally put me to sleep. I was out like a light before the fascinating, high-tech sequence of him uploading the data was finished. Just so ridiculous.
*from 3/29/06

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