Coachella Pre-party Blogosphere Mix

There are tons of bands I wanna see at Coachella! Here's some random links about some of my favorite groups.
Gnarls Barkley got a 4/5 stars on This is Fake DIY
The Duke Spirit NYC review is on Village Indian.
The Walkmen NYC show review on stereogum. "The Rat" is finally gettin' some play on http://www.indie1031.com/ Indie is still way behind woxy in my humble opinion.
I guess I wanna see what all this madonna bizness is about. Damn her. But here's video mashup of madonna vs. new order on popbytes.
And if you're a woxy member, check out the Editors podcast. "All Sparks" acoustic rendition rocks!
Daft Punk, Derrick Carter, Tool, Bloc Party, and even Yeah Yeah Yeahs will make the $200+ ticket price totally worth it.
"I'm so excited!" - The Pointer Sisters
(RIP June Pointer 1953-2006)
*from 4/25/06

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