Ticket Emergency - Coachella

It sold out yesterday. Ok, let me clarify, the two-day passes sold out yesterday.
But despite fedex & moneygram issues, we got some tix for cheap via http://losangeles.craigslist.org Only $315 for 2 two-day passes. Not too shabby. And by the love of god, my fedex package better be here by 10:30am!
And i curse MoneyGram forever. Even in LA, they f-ing close by 7pm. Perhaps not in the ghetto as I was told by a co-worker yesterday. But I didn't want to send my homosexual, white friend into the jungle all alone.

There were some tense moments, but the tickets are now secure.

Now on to partying like crazy all weekend!

(even if Hard-fi's punk ass cancelled)
*from 4/27/06

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