Paparazzi Beatdown

As expected, some foolish paparazzi guy tried get into Brad & Angelina's Nambian compound. And he got the deservingly shit kicked out of him. Who's stupid enough to try and get in after being forewarned. Even the president of Nambia said he'd protect them. Plus, their bodyguard yelled a verbal warning to them. He basically said - if you cross the line, i'll put someone in the f-ing hospital. He added a tough "I'm not kidding" to seal the deal.

Despite the warnings, some twat set out to dig a ditch into the compound. As a reward, he got his ass kicked in front of Brad Pitt & Maddox.
Thanks to Defamer for the news story.
(Pics via http://www.perezhilton.com/ via hello! magazine.)

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