Where the hell is that 'Phantom Tollbooth' DVD, MGM/UA?

I cannot believe that The Phantom Tollbooth isn't out on DVD.

What is the world coming to?! No, but seriously, it was one of the first live action/animated films. That should count for something. According to wikipedia, it should be out by 2008. Hello? 2008 is half over and no word on a release date. I may just have to sick DVDBeaver on the case (tho they usually track down obscure foreign films and such on various regions).

If I didn't have to work, I'd go see the LACMA screening of it on July 8th. But it's at 1:00pm (I guess for the kids). If you're free, you should really see that movie! It's the jam!

I'll have to console myself with the book until Amazon emails me when it's available. Sad.

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