You're Frellin' Right

Another reason, amongst many, why I love Pajiba!

Thanks for making me feel okay to be a geek. "Farscape" is the best sci-fi show I’ve seen in the last 20 years hands down. "FireFly" and those Whedon worshippers can go suck it. Even Empire Magazine recognizes Farscape's greatness!

I do have to admit that "Farscape" was lucky to have the four seasons that it got. Nevertheless, I was devastated when it was cancelled. I even boycotted Battlestar Galactica (kinda still am) because it had a hand in Farscape’s cancellation. At least, SciFi softened the cancellation blow with a mini-series wrap up ("The Peacekeeper Wars").

And if you check the comments, looks like Ben Browder landed on his feet okay (despite Stargate SG1 also being cancelled) and is producing a new show for SciFi channel!

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