Tarsem's 'The Fall'

Tarsem Singh, the director of The Cell and REM's "Losing My Religion" has a new movie coming out on May 9th. It's called The Fall and stars Lee Pace, the cute piemaker from "Pushing Daisies".

Trailer Check:

I saw this amazing movie at the Filter Mag/Hammer Museum party last night. It's beyond beautiful and the little girl, Catinca Untaru, is mesmerizing. I could watch a whole movie of just her asking questions.

Apparently Tarsem thought she was perfect despite the fact she knew little english. So to get her to perform, Tarsem told her (and the rest of the cast and entire crew) that Lee Pace was really in a wheelchair for the first half of shooting. Tarsem has some brass balls to pull off a stunt like that. Of course, he had to come clean, which understandably freaked that poor little girl out for like three days. Luckily, she got over it and had a wonderful time.

The movie took four years to film and was filmed in over 24 countries! Tarsem had the idea for this thing for like 23 years, he said. So overtime he'd collect images of the locales and developed the story. But if he ran out of funding or hired a new actor, he would simple change everything to make it work! Talk about thinking on your feet and having it turn out okay. Thankfully it was all worth it. Now go and see this movie so he doesn't have to sell his house to finance his next film.

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