Just the two of us

I feel like I've been waiting forever for "The Two Coreys" to premiere! On July 29th, I'll finally have my dreams realized!


I wonder how many eps it will take before we get the truth behind why Haim sold his teeth on ebay... Now that's an advertisement for the wonders of ebay, if I ever saw one.

Actually, it's been so long I almost forgot the show was even coming out. But a late night stop to Fatburger reminded me. LNDSML and me were just recovering from the Spoon secret show at Little Radio.

So we're buzzed on Dewars, to say the least, we're in a dancey mood. We drift over to the jukebox, which can't stop playing the latest song by T-pain (boo!). I attempt to change the song and find ads for the tv show starring America's favorite Coreys plastered all over the menu. They even had a 5 question quiz, which I scored a 4 outta 5. I was drunk, and it took me a minute to realize that the Haim-ster was the Canadian one!

Feeling somewhat vindicated with my score, I go home (food in hand, of course) to watch some Venture Bros and pass out. Too bad, License to Drive wasn't on, then I woulda been glued to the tube.


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