It may be from lack of sleep or the fact that I drank a Trader Joe's energy drink just before entering the theater, but I fucking loved Transformers!


Granted, the script was terrible. Some of that dialogue was simply awful, "there's more to you than meets the eye" as a pickup line. Sheesh. And that girl, Megan Fox, can't act for shit. What was with the end with them kissing on top of Bumblebee? Isn't that weird to make out on top of your so-called friend/robot?

Nevertheless this movie seriously entertained me. Megatron was quite the firecracker when he awoke from his slumber. And as always Optimus was my favorite. I missed some of the final showdown when i was forced to slip out to the bathroom (damn energy drinks, like a double-edged sword). I still saw all the important parts.

I think I was just in the mood for some mindless fun, and this movie really did the trick. Michael Bay actually didn't piss all over my fond memories of the cartoon. I see them as two different entities, since these robots are so high tech from the outset. Shia makes box office gold once again! Damn is that a lucky ass kid.

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