'Lost' in the Future?

I'm certainly perplexed by the turn of events portrayed in the finale.


Jack in the future?! I just won't believe it. I think it was a vision of what the future might be if they left the island. The writers are trying to put in that seed of doubt on whether leaving the island is indeed the answer for the survivors. Clearly, it's not the right turn of events for Jack. The episode is named "Through the looking Glass" making it seem like the island works in its own time bubble or something and only breaks through at certain moments. But that wouldn't explain how Ben keeps in contact with the outside world. And that Penny woman's transmission made it through no problem after the jamming device was turned off.

And who the hell is in that casket? I assumed Jack was in Australia going to his father's funeral, guess not after watching the rest of the episode. And yes that fucking Motorola KRZR phone was a dead giveaway that this flashback was a bit unusual. I'm betting on Ben, since no one bothered to come to the funeral.

What's most likely is that Naomi woman lied and the wreckage of the plane was never found. She just wanted to manipulate the survivors into trusting her as the only way off the island. Thus, into the clutches of more nefarious enemies than Ben and the Others. Locke is now "one" with the island and/or Jacob and knew she was evil, thus he despatched her via knife. That would correspond with Charlie's revelation that Penny didn't send that boat.

It's just this flashback/forward nonesense. It's just like they threw in Desmond at the end of last season. Gotta go and throw a curve ball as soon as shit starts making sense. Well, I for one am relieved that I won't be discussing this nonesense for the next nine months. It can be so time-consuming. I spent at least an hour sifting through the comments on PopCandy trying to get closure. Why? I have no idea, since there's no one out there with the ultimate Answers.

I'm just look forward to a summer full of F/X originals and reclaim the peace of mind I had pre-"Lost". Can't wait for "Rescue Me" on June 13th. My tivo is ready for some Denis Leary.

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