Team Jarvis

Stereogum wants YOU to decide who'd win in a fight: Damon Albarn or Jarvis Cocker.

I'm gonna have to go with Jarvis. He's suave, intelligent, dashing. He's simply way cooler than Damon Albarn will ever be.

Be sure to read all the comments. At first, I was Team Both, but Damon can be a real dick as of late. I'd still totally shag him. He's so pretty.

Musically, I do love them both. Go Brit Pop Rock of the 90s. I even bought Elastica, sorry Justine for the comment about shagging him. They're split up anyways.

Justine's view on Damon from the Guardian Interview:
'It was very difficult. It's actually very taboo to stop and say, "OK, I'm in a band and I'm really successful and my boyfriend's a pop star and he's really handsome and lots of girls fancy him, but I don't want to be with him." I was just thinking: "This just isn't the life I want." I felt like going back to basics, living life on a much smaller scale. There's something very unromantic about being with someone that hundreds of thousands of teenage girls fancy. There really is.'

Water under the bridge, and proof that Damon is a cock.

Enjoy this Elastica video for old time's sake.

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