Some singles I forgot on my top 2006 list!

I can't believe I forgot about these songs.

"Hard to Beat" - Hard-fi
Hard-fi, in my defense, wasn't hyped as much in the US as Editors. And according to UK release dates, it's really a 2005 record. I don't care about that shit. I loved this song last January. I literally played it every waking hour. I thought I found a nice boy (wrong assumption) and I was in stupid mental bliss for about three weeks. This was my soundtrack. Even though I kinda hate said boy now, this song still rocks.

"Burning" - The Whitest Boy Alive
Anything Erlend Oye does is gold in my eyes. It's that smooth electronica song that my heart was craving. He's in a full-fledged band now, and I couldn't be happier. It's a nice end to any mix cd.

"Love like Semtex" Infadels
I'm am kicking myself so hard for not being on time for Coachella last year. I vow not to make the same mistake in 2007! They were on at like 1:30, which is hard with all the lines and ticket snafu shit I had to go through. The Metronomy mix has his sweet vocals emphasized. It's seriously a catchy dance song. "Get my feet, my wrists off the ground", I intend to do just that this year!

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