The Lost Room


I finally got around to watching "The Lost Room", a mini-series from SCI FI Channel. I only made it through parts 1 & 2. It is like 6 hours long, which is pretty hard to do in one sitting. Still, it was very engaging.

It started out sort of slow, with a mystery angle. It's all about ordinary "objects" that contain special powers. The main "object" is the motel room key, which lands in the lap of Joe Miller (Peter Krause). This key opens any door and leads into this ghostly lit motel room, room 10 to be exact. Only catch is, at this motel in the real world: there is no room 10. It's like it never existed. There's just this magical key for a room that doesn't exist anymore. And as a bonus, once inside the room, you can open the door and go anywhere in the world. Anywhere that has a door that is.

The series is a quest for Joe to find his daughter who disappeared into the room. If you have the key, you are protected while the room resets. But if you go inside without the key and someone closes the door. Poof! You disappear. To where, no one really knows for sure. So Joe must start collecting the other "objects" to figure out how to save his kid. Because when you get objects together weird shit starts happening. And there are crazy cults out to steal the objects.

I'm still thinking about how freaky the whole story is. It's very thought out. And the acting is actually pretty good. And Spud from Trainspotting even has a part in it. He has the "comb", which stops time. He's all geeky in it. I love it.

If you missed it, catch it on dvd on April 3rd. I have no idea why the hell it takes 4 months to release it. But it's definitely something for your netflix queue at the very least.

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