Scanners - live set at Star Shoes

Scanners - live set at Star Shoes

My buds and I braved the hollywood hipster scene to check out this Rakes after party. It was at Star Shoes. It's free and you get to see an interesting UK band do their thing. How could I resist? I tried to check out the Scanners the previous week without much success.

We got there just before the rush. The band was setting up in the middle of the dancefloor (Star Shoes is quite small and not much of a concert venue). Sadly, the hipster assholes had no idea that it was the actual band squirming to set-up admist the crowd. At least 5 people stepped on the singer when she was on the floor tuning her bass guitar.

We were the only ones dancing to the pre-concert 80s hip-hop tunes. The DJ spun hits like "Aisha" by ABC (aka Another Bad Creation), "My perogative" by Bobby Brown, and threw some essential "Poison" by BellBivDevoe! Some random black folks wandered in and showed off some crumping skillz. They were being quite loud, and I was a bit embarrassed of my fellow people wild'n'out in hipster heaven (or hell). I mean even Brent Bolthouse and his girl were there! The whole Dimmak/Steve Aoki crew were out in full force! Plus, Danny Masterson and his GF Bijou Philips were slut it up in the background as well. Masterson and Bolthouse had the band on their radio show, "Feel my Heat", just before the gig as it turns out.

The Scanners did their best under the circumstances. I really need to invest in a digital cameras so I can start posting pics of these shows. Anywho. The keyboard went out, so it was a rock set. They played their single, "Low-life", which was great. The vocals were too low, so I don't feel like I got the best show ever. But I was entertained. They only did like 4 songs. And the drummer was smokin' hot! I had a nice view of him right by the quasi-stage. So I was in heaven.

After the show, we attempted to boogie on the dancefloor. There was a lot of terrible moves by others. My friends and I showed 'em how it was done. Masterson was a fair DJ I might add after the Scanners played. He played a sweet "Helicopter" remix & a remix by of "Love is a Number" by White Rose Movement. I'm sure Aoki chimed in on some his choices though.

It was simply too crowded and full of snotty hipsters. We did get sweet goodie bags with cool Dimmak mix cds etc.

*post from 7/18/06

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