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Spaced Series 2

If you love, Shaun of the Dead, then you should check out "Spaced". It stars Simon Pegg, said director of latter film. It's kinda quirky but give it a chance! It's hilarious! Pegg plays Tim, a couch potato, who teams up with Daisy to rent a freakin' sweet flat. They had to lie and say they were in a relationship to get the place. In reality, they barely know each other. If you like wacky characters, who do random things for no reason and wandering flashbacks, then you should watch this! It comes on BBC America on Friday Nights (part of their Underground series).

thanks to Richard Ayoade for the picSciFi.com is previewing "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace" on their site before it premieres. If you're bored, it's decent thing to kill your time. It's like a mockumentary about a horror show (in the vein of Dark Shadows crossed with Twilight Zone) that was so scary that it was never shown! It's full of british wackiness as well. The best part though is they really don't give a fuck how bad the actors are or how ridiculous the plot is. It's totally part of the joke to be that bad. I'd give it a B and it has potential.

Finally, I've written about Footballer's Wives before. I finally got a region free dvd player and the first three seasons! I'll finally catch up to what's finally airing on BBC America. Bless you amazon.co.uk! I'm staying in all weekend anyways. But now I have purpose...

*post from 7/21/06

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