Trailer Check: 'The Dry Land'

Check out the trailer for Ryan Piers Williams film, The Dry Land. It stars Ryan O'Nan, who I swear has been on a few CSI eps that I've seen and America Ferrera, Williams' real-life fiance', which really isn't news because they've been together for like ever. I actually am friends with Ryan from USC. We bonded over a love of film and Texas pride. I haven't seen him in awhile since I've moved to London and his lady's occupation took him to NYC. Nevertheless, I'm pleased as punch to see he's finally done a feature. It won best international feature at EIFF last week and praise at Sundance. The cinematography looks amazing, since Ryan has always been a prodigy with the camera.

Trailer Check:

Not sure when to expect a wide release in London/LA/NYC etc, but I'm sure it's to be soon. His success makes a teensy bit less resentful of my pricey education at USC Film School. It has proven near worthless for me, but seems to have done wonders for some of my fellow alumni like Ryan and Ace Norton. ;)

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